Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Let me introduce myself...

So here I am! Marie-Michèle Beaudoin, often called Marry!
19 years old, Canadian, "Québécoise" (from Québec), still living with my parents!
I'm currently working at a ski resort for the winter, not in college anymore (I quit in September) !
In January, I will be applying to a cooking school, starting in September, 2014! I can't wait! :)

I'm dating a wonderful ginger boy since February 14th, 2012 : Pierre-Luc, better known as Doupi! He's the love of my life, my soulmate!

Christmas 2013
He's the sexiest, nicest, most attentive boy I ever met and he's mine!!! I'm so happy with him!
We're moving together in July and we plan on having 2000000 kids! :)

I'm so lucky! I have the best boyfriend in the whole world and I ALSO have the best friend anybody could ever have: Rose-Marie! She's 17 and we've known each other for 16 and a half years! She's a little rebel (not really) but I love her to death!

Rodeo 2013

I love animals and my three cats prove that fact! I also have a cat that lives at my boyfriend's house until we move!

Luna, the one at my boyfriend's! She the devil!

Rocky! He's from a shelter! Very dumb!
Minoune! She's Roux's mother! Super shy!
And Roux! Minoune's son! Lazy but cuddly!
Let's talk about my main addictions: nail polishes, Harry Potter, movies and tv shows and food!

Harry Potter is a big part of my life! I share that addiction with my boyfriend and my best friend Rose-Marie! I probably spend too much time watching and reading them over and over but it's sooooo worth it!

Halloween 2013

Then comes movies and tv shows! I thank God every day for Netflix! Best invention of all time! Friends, How I met your mother, Big Bang Theory, Orange is the new black, Better off Ted, Life Unexpected, Queer as Folks and so many others! I can't start naming movies, the list will never end! Let's just say there's not a lot of movies I hated in my life! 

I put a lot of things in the "Food addiction" category : watching cooking shows, reading recipes, try new types of food, my unhealthy obsession for Gordon Ramsay, eating...obviously, etc.!!!!!!! This may explain why I'm going to take a year-long cooking course, and maybe add to that a year of pastry classes! 

Finally, the reason of this new blog, my nail polish and nail art obsession! I've been addicted to nail polish since July 2013 but I always wanted to be able to do nail art and just never tried it before! I'll make a single post about this obsession!

I hope you learned a little more about me! 
I can't wait to learn about you guys!

Thanks and see ya!!!

xxx Marry

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